Actum Processing, “The Right Choice in ACH Processing.”

Thank you! You are the reason for our success. You are the driving force behind providing the resources Actum needs to continue to support our customers’ needs. We put you first and it’s with good reason.

It’s ok if you aren’t familiar with ACH processing, or maybe you’ve been involved with ACH for years; we want to meet you both and be part of your success story.

By working closely with our Resellers to present ACH as an impactful billing option, our partners will have another avenue for generating long-term and stable residual earnings.

What we do for you….

  • Consult on your behalf
  • Support a wide range of industries
  • Give you a secure location to view processing volume and residuals
  • Protect you from circumvention
  • Offer strong buy rates
  • Provide support and direct involvement
  • Show flexibility
  • Keep the underwriting and boarding process painless

Software | Gateway

Our proprietary technology plugs into virtually any Software or Gateway platform that has customers who need payment capabilities. We keep it as simple as possible and collaborate with your team to ensure efficiency throughout the process. We’ll make things happen that banks and other processors cannot, and aid in the retention of long-term relationships with satisfied end users.

Our Partners
If you attract industries that desire ACH payment capabilities, then having Actum Processing as an integrated ACH partner will help you keep them even more satisfied.