Payment Solution


  • ACH Debits & Credits
  • Same Day ACH
  • Remotely Created Checks (RCC)
  • Check Drafting
  • Centralized Return Processing
  • Check Recovery & Representment
Verification Solutions


  • Bank Account Screening
  • Pre-Notes
  • Micro-Deposit Validation
  • Negative Database Access
  • Identity Authentication
  • Risk Analytics
Technology Solutions


  • API Integration
  • Multi User Virtual Terminal
  • Frequency & Recurring Billing
  • Batch Import
  • Robust Reporting
  • Customized Integrations

What are we committed to?

Collaborating with your organization to effectively leverage our team and technology platform to improve operational effectiveness in the varying areas of ACH Processing. Count on Actum to stay engaged from day one of our relationship. We understand the important role we play in your business. With our support, we can commit to facilitating growth in your bottom line earnings.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Actum Processing, provide us with a look into your operations and allow us the opportunity to show you how we can save you valuable time and money.