Provide Better Access to Services

Optimize billing and receivables with ACH

Utilities & Local Governments

Offer Secure
Payment Options

Utilities and government organizations require a convenient way for their customers and citizens to pay for the vital services they provide.  Actum is the preferred processor due to the reliability of both our technology and support.


Let customers make payments online, over the phone, or in person.


Schedule one-time or recurring payments.


We verify bank credentials in real-time to help reduce the risk of fraud.

Streamline Operations

Manual payment processes can be costly and complex, often requiring management of multiple payment systems. Actum’s modern ACH solution lets government entities increase operational efficiencies, while overcoming the administrative burdens associated with traditional payment processing.


Receive and process payments in the evening and over the weekend.

Status Updates

Using webhooks, get real-time notifications of returned payments and take action quickly.


Customize solutions to meet your needs, while receiving end-to-end support.

We offer priority support to
local governments and
municipal services

Actum helps you provide greater flexibility and choice to citizens and customers.

  • Bill pay & auto-pay for utilities and other government services
  • Tax payments
  • Traffic & court fines
  • Professional licenses
  • Motor vehicle registrations and fees
  • Business services and fees
  • Payroll (direct deposit)

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