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Actum Processing operates as a Third Party Sender of ACH transactions, working directly with the Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFIs).  We are a proud member of the Third Party Payment Processors Association (TPPPA) and ePayResources, one of the nation’s largest NACHA Regional Payments Associations. We also serve on the Afinis Interoperability Standards committee tasked with standardizing the nation’s banking APIs (formerly, the API Standardization Industry Group, or ASIG).

Since 2011, Actum Processing has offered secure and reliable ACH payment processing solutions and top-tier customer service to businesses across all industries. Our team of regulatory compliance experts contribute years of training, experience and comprehensive consultations to a diverse group of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs in emerging or newly-regulated markets to payment industry veterans. No matter where you are on your payments journey, Actum is your preferred partner in ACH processing. Our goal is to connect more businesses to the ACH Network by:

  • Continuing to deliver tailored solutions and personalized attention to our clients
  • Providing highly automated and reliable white-label solutions through our API
  • Expanding our ecosystem with leading integration and reseller partners

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