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Smarter account verification for more seamless ACH transactions and actionable insights

Maximize Conversion

Not everyone carries around their checkbooks or has their bank account numbers memorized. Minimize payment flow drop-offs and nudge more customers into ACH by allowing them to pay through our embeddable Authentecheck UI widget, using only their online banking login credentials.

Authentecheck UI Widget

Actum Authentecheck dashboard

Unlock Protected Data

End-users can grant you limited read-only access to their protected data, including bank account details, available balance and contact information. The standard Authentecheck integration automatically pulls the end user’s routing and account numbers and securely stores them for future use (as in the case for recurring transactions).

Real-Time Verification

Authentecheck lets merchants instantly verify account ownership, customer identity, and other KYC (know-your-customer) details.

Historical Customer Account Data

Secure Transactions

With Actum’s Authentecheck payment flow, you get complete security and control over the data that flows through your servers. If you don’t want to deal with transmitting and storing bank account numbers, choose our tokenization feature. You can receive as little or as much sensitive financial information as you want, and we’ll always retain a secured copy for you.

Our Solutions

Ready to offer enhanced ACH solutions in one, simple package? We’ve got you covered.

Online Payments

Get real-time approval, verification, and transaction submissions done in one swoop.

Data for Insights

Leverage new data to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Proactive Verification

Instantly minimize friendly fraud attempts and returns due to insufficient funds.

Everywhere Access

Interactive transaction screens help optimize the user experience on any device, including mobile, desktop, or tablet.

White Label Support

The embeddable UI widget allows the merchant to preserve their brand’s look and feel.

Payment Management

Optimize recurring debits with proactive account monitoring.

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