Receive More Payments On Time

Optimize your collections process with ACH


Maximize Debt Recovery

With consumer debt at an all-time high, it’s essential to ensure timely collections processing and debt recovery. We help you collect all types of debt (both consumer and business) with the greatest efficiency possible.

Flexible Payment Options

Debtors can schedule one-time or recurring payments on the web or over the phone.


Later submission deadlines mean more of your payments can be included in today’s processing batch.


Minimize the risk for NSF returns by debiting funds today.

Streamline Operations

Reduce the complexity of managing payments across multiple platforms. Actum’s robust suite of APIs and intuitive interface make it simple to integrate ACH processing into your new & existing software solutions.

Robust Reporting

View and manage account data in real-time.

Status Updates

Using webhooks, get notified as soon as a payment gets returned so your team can take action quickly.

Support Team

Our support team is equipped to help you with last-minute requests.

We support multiple types of collection services

We’re here to meet your needs with customized payment solutions.

  • Account, bill, and debt collection services
  • Delinquent account collection services
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd party collections
  • Both consumer and business debt collections

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