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White label APIs haven’t always been accessible: Not too long ago, if you wanted to use an API to offer bank transfers your customers, you also had to use the brand of that API’s provider in all of your customer-facing resources. For integrations requiring more than one API provider, the customer experience was even more disjointed. As a result, some businesses turned to building their own payment infrastructure to maintain flexibility and brand continuity.

Now, as digital transformation ensues, more and more payments API providers allow clients to white label their services, which helps improve both integration and UX. Rather than building your own payment infrastructure, white label APIs power your business and help you achieve faster time-to-market. This post will explore the top benefits of white label APIs.

Top Three Benefits of White Label APIs

1. Services are native to your application.
A clear benefit to SaaS platforms is the ability to allow your customers seamless access to the functionality of multiple APIs in one place. With white label APIs, you can easily combine disparate services and brand them all as your own. Whether your customers use APIs to submit transactions, set up subscription billing schedules, or verify end-user identities, they will experience this feature set as a single, integrated workflow and as a native part of your application. There’s no need to build out your own payment processing infrastructure because integration is frictionless.

2. Your brand stays front and center.
Each time your customer uses an API-provided service, you have an opportunity to promote your brand instead of the third-party API provider(s). Whether it’s part of your app, on your website, or in your marketing materials, your brand remains at the forefront and consistent throughout your UX.

3. You’re in control of your customers’ experiences.
White label APIs provide extra opportunities to create signature customer experiences. Whether you’re setting up instant bank verification or integrating ACH processing into a full suite of merchant services, you get to design the best workflow to suit your business needs.

White Label APIs, Powered by Actum

Actum’s white label, ACH-optimized API, is open by design, which allows you to easily white label our bank transfer service. Integration is fast and easy, with our flexible architecture, online resources, and free, unlimited access to our expert developer support team. When you plug into our APIs, you’re in the driver’s seat behind a powerful bank engine: you’re able to integrate natively, and decide what your app’s payments interface looks like, according to your brand.

If you’re ready to learn more about using Actum’s white label APIs, check out our ACH Guide for Software Companies, or Contact Us.

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